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Learn how other businesses are using PointsBank™ to connect with customers, reward loyalty and drive customer retention.

Why Create a Digital Card with us?

1. You Will Love How Versatile it is

Customers and employers love the amazing features of our Mobile Wallet Loyalty digital card service. Digital cards are the easiest way to hook customers in and build their loyalty.

The gamification factor encourages both employees and customers to be proactive and complete certain tasks in order to gain rewards.  

Digital cards are great. They are quick and easy to launch. They don’t delay transactions and the reward is almost instant. It also involves very little training for your employees. 

2. No Need to Worry About Loosing Cards

Let’s face it - cards are very easy to lose or misplace. When customers or employees forget to bring their cards, they either don’t get entry access, or they don't gain additional points or rewards and they won’t be very happy about that. 

Our Mobile digital cards are stored on their phones inside their Apple or Google wallets. Their digital cards can be accessed anytime, anywhere - with just a tap of the finger.

Customers and employees know that whenever they walk into your place of business, they just have to pull out their phones to get verified or earn rewards. No more forgetting the card or losing it.

3. Contactless Scanning

After the pandemic, contactless transactions are on the rise. People no longer enjoy using cash or cards anymore - they want to use mobile wallets to reduce physical contact.

As a result, our digital cards ensure that employees and customers can engage and earn rewards without compromising their safety and hygiene

4. You Can Now Track Customers Not Just Cards

PointsBank™ Club Mobile Loyalty Platform allows you to go beyond points, stamps or rewards.

For example, with physical loyalty cards, you know nothing about the customer - except for how many transactions or visits they made.

However, our platform allows you to go deeper and get to know your employees and customers. You will be able to gain insights into their names, date of birth, age group, likes, dislikes and so much more.

All these will come in handy when you need to do some targeted, personalized promotions.

We got regular customers immediately after opening...

When we opened a new location, we registered with the PointsBank™ Mobile loyalty service and used the Cashbackdigital cards feature, where we set up a 44% discount offer on customers' first massage and made every 10th massage free. We ended up making $11,000 in revenue in 3 months after launching our loyalty program and significantly grew our customer base, by using these strategies...

Employees & Clients really love our new digital membership options...

We launched a membership promotion with the PointsBank™ digital loyalty platform which rewards members with additional points that they use to buy meals or drinks with us. We wanted customers to feel more exclusive by becoming members instead, and almost immediately we saw 15% growth in our regular client base within several months. We also created a separate employee digital rewards card to incentivize staff performance, by using these strategies...  

We were able to increase sales on our quiet days by using auto-messaging...

We switched from plastic cards to digital ones. Customers responded positively and began to actively join our loyalty program. We wanted to gain valuable data and insight into our customer profiles and purchase patterns. By using the Geo-location automatic messaging within the PointsBank™ Platform, our regular customer footfall has grown by 953 people in just a month. 

Your Mobile Reward Solution


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The complete loyalty solution with everything you need to increase customer and staff engagement through digital mobile reward cards. Unlimited push messages, Unlimited rewards, Unlimited transactions.

Ready to modernize your brand with digital wallet cards for super engagement?

PointsBank™ Club is your full business growth service provider with dedicated tools to help organizations add fun and innovation to their marketing campaigns. Our powerful reward and loyalty engagement tech service includes our mobile digital e-cards platform for Apple and Google Wallet.

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