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Loyalty digital cards of the future for increasing customer and staff retention

Create digital cards or points-based customer loyalty programs with various earning rules. Our beautiful digital cards are perfect for increasing customer and staff retention. Build customer loyalty, by rewarding customers or staff for their purchases, behavior, or specific interactions.



Introduce reward campaigns based on your chosen transaction attributes!

Use transactional earning rules to define how many points can be earned based on transaction attributes, such as shopping in person or via your online store. Combine rules with time, segment, location, and more.

Work with predefined rules or add custom ones to engage employees or customers and increase their lifetime value among loyalty members.

  • Fully Mobile Responsive Design
  • Perfect for Online Saas Business
  • Perfect for Food and Retail Business
  • Perfect for Staff Incentive Programs
  • Perfect for Hotel and Travel Industries
  • and so much more...

Your Mobile Reward Solution


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The complete loyalty solution with everything you need to increase customer and staff engagement through digital mobile reward cards. Unlimited push messages, Unlimited rewards, Unlimited transactions.

Build a gift card loyalty program that rewards customers or staff for specific behaviors!

Reward loyal customers or staff with behavioral earning rules, based on actions they have taken. Encourage customers to perform actions such as referring new customers, subscribing to your newsletter, making repeat purchases, and much more.

Create monthly or quarterly productivity challenges where employees compete to achieve specific goals or targets. The top performers earn bonus points or stamps that can be exchanged for personalized rewards such as additional vacation days, paid time off, or even cash bonuses. (As a bonus you can also set up automatic or scheduled push notifications to notify all team participants of the current points standings or performance leaders)

Configure custom events and give points or stamp rewards for any activity.


Scan & Manage points or stamp transfers in your loyalty program manually or automatically!

Monitor every point transfer in your loyalty program, including earning and spending points or stamps. Configure digital wallets for storing points or stamps and stay up to date with the extended points liability management module. 

Access customer data to determine the number of points or stamps, including active, pending, burned, or expired points.

  • Digital Gift Cards
  • Barcode Scanner App
  • Push Notifications
  • Geo-targeted location-based Messages
  • and so much more...

What value do mobile loyalty applications give?

Loyalty mobile apps help engage customers and staff, increase customer retention, and maximize customer and staff loyalty. Mobile loyalty applications provide transactional and non-transactional benefits to the end customer.

Non-transactional value is directly related to performing a purchase of a product or service provided by a brand or by completing a set of tasks outlined by an employer. The most popular are:

  • Coupons or Gift Cards
  • Discount Codes
  • Paying with digital currency
  • Free products or services
  • Access to exclusive or limited offers

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Choose from our monthly or yearly price plans to get the most out of your package!

PointsBank™ Club is your full business growth service provider with dedicated tools to help organizations add fun and innovation to their marketing campaigns. Our powerful reward and loyalty engagement tech service includes our mobile digital e-cards platform for Apple and Google Wallet. PointsBank™ Club is also an official sponsor of the SBC.

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